Highland Park Has Been Named A Must-See Whisky Distillery

Highland Park has been named one of the best whisky distilleries to visit in the world. 

Before embarking on a whisky investment, it is a sensible idea to visit its premises, so you can see where it is produced and all the behind-the-scenes action. 

Those interested in investing in Highland Park will have to travel to Orkney off the coast of Scotland, with the distillery priding itself on being “at the end of the world”. 

Due to the location and difficult weather conditions, it is not the easiest place to get to. However, an article in Mashed states it is one of the best distilleries in the world to visit. 

“This distillery is packed with history. It even has bottles that are a tribute to its Viking heritage. Fans can absorb that history on a tour or by visiting the distillery for a peek around,” it comments. 

Highland Park Whisky has been produced here since 1798, so there is certainly a lot of history to soak up during a visit. 

Depending on the whisky tour you opt for, you even have the chance to sample whisky that has been ageing for up to 40 years. 

The beginners tour starts with a film about Orkney and Highland Park’s heritage, which is followed by a trip around the distillery and a tasting of two award-winning whiskies. 
For whisky connoisseurs, the ‘rare and exclusive experience’ is worth doing. This is the distillery’s most prestigious tour and provides an extended visit throughout the building, including into the pagoda roofs; samples straight from the casks; expert tutoring of four whiskies; and finally, exclusive samples of its never-been-released drams.