Welcome to Viticult. We are a London based Whisky Cask Brokerage and Official Sponsor of AFC Wimbledon.

Since our establishment in 2014 we have overseen the combined purchase and sale of over 140,000 items. If you own an existing portfolio we would be happy to assist you in the management or sale of your portfolio. Click here to learn more about our non-client resale services.

Whisky Cask Ownership

The Journey


The journey begins with the purchase of a cask from a renowned Scottish Distillery. A “new fill” cask contains the liquor which will eventually mature into a Scotch Whisky.


Around 2% of the spirit will be lost to evaporation each year. Put simply, the older a cask is, the less whisky there is to be bottled and the higher the value increases.

Realisation of Capital

Viticult guarantees to assist in the resale of your casks. When the time comes to sell, we offer casks to Distilleries for bottling through our network.

We have overseen the combined purchase and sale of over 140,000 items.

What our clients say about us

I have been very well looked after and Nicholas has been outstanding in handling the selling of my product. Would highly recommend.

A Wright

Excellent team. Great work ethics. Gary and Nicholas keep up the great job you do. Will consider in future also.

Somansh Sharma

Great customer service, would definitely recommend 👍😊

Justyna Chrobot

Wonderful products and very knowledgeable people what more can you ask for!

Helen Bryant

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    Here at Viticult, we want to provide you with as much information and whisky ownership guides to help you with your whisky ownership goals as much as possible.

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