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Whisky Cask Storage & Ownership

Storage & Insurance

To be legally classified a Scotch Whisky, casks must be held in Scotland for the entirety of their maturation period. Whisky casks asks are stored in Duty-Free Government Regulated Warehouses where they are also insured. Storage and insurance costs between £60 – £80 per year.

Transfer of Ownership

Whisky cask owners receive a Certification of Ownership outlining them as the exclusive owner. The certificate will also outline important information such as the unique cask number, the distillation date, alcohol levels and the warehouse it is stored in. Samples can be drawn upon request, although we advise disturbing the cask as little as possible to ensure optimum maturity. 


Learn more about Scotch Whisky production here.

Where are process whisky casks stored?

During the maturation process casks are held in Government Regulated Bonded Warehouse throughout Scotland. In order to legally store casks, and for potential owners to compliantly own them, the supplying company must hold a WOWGR License. This license is applicable to Revenue Traders, not to private individual cask owners.


Storage & Insurance Costs

Storage costs typically ranges from £60-£100 per year, which also includes insurance.

Whisky Cask Authenticity

Whisky casks are purchased from trusted suppliers with whom we have long established business relationships with. Once a cask is delivered to our bonded warehouse, they are checked to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.


You are the named owner(s) on the Certification of Ownership we issue. This document will outline important information such as your casks unique cask number, alcohol levels, the distillation date and the address of the warehouse it is store in.


For a small fee you are able to draw a sample of your cask, although we advise that you disturb your maturing cask as little as possible.


If you have an existing warehouse you store casks with, if you wish, we will transfer your cask to your desired location.

Buy Whisky Casks

Ready to buy your first cask? Before you jump into anything we believe it’s best to speak with one of our advisors who will want to gain a better understanding of your goals and requirements. How long would you like to hold a cask for? Do you have any specific brands of interest? Our role is to assist you in selecting the right cask.

You can contact us by phone Monday – Friday on 0203 595 3910.