Understanding Whisky Cask Ownership

Whisky matures only when stored in an oak cask, and completely stops maturing once it is bottled. Scotch Whisky must be matured for a minimum of 5 years before it is ready for consumption and bottling.

Upon purchasing a newly filled whisky cask, it's contents are transparent and extremely high in alcoholic content. During the maturation process, the whisky takes on the colour of the oak cask it is stored in and develops into the golden colour we associate whisky to be.

Why do distilleries sell casks?

We help distilleries to free up capital which it would otherwise be tied up for years as they wait for their casks of liquor to mature into usable Scotch Whisky. Once mature, the Scotch is bought back by major brands for bottling and retailing.

How long should I hold a cask for?

We advise 5 years, as this allows the Whisky to mature and become more valuable. However, the longer a cask is held, the more mature and valuable it becomes.


Where can I view the market's performance? 

Knight Frank recently published their findings on the Whisky Market and discovered that over the last 10 years the Whisky Market has risen over 500%. Over the last 12 months the market has increased by 40%. Click here to view the growth statistics. 

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