Why Choose Cask Whisky Investment Over Bottles

There are often headlines about single bottles of rare whiskies selling for hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, of pounds at auction. Those stories can certainly make investing in bottled whisky sound like a good option.

However, when you delve a little deeper you often discover why a particular bottle fetched such a high price tag and you quickly realise that it’s not so easy to develop your own collection that will bring substantial returns.

For example, one whisky collection that was recently sold for a whopping £6.7 million contained a bottle that was one of just 14 produced, with this whisky alone accounting for £1 million of that price tag.

Cask whisky investment is a little different, and as an article for Spears recently noted, one of the main advantages is that it is much easier to make a large investment in a cask whisky than it is in a bottle.

Where cask whisky is concerned, you will also have more options open to you when it comes to selling your investment. You can, of course, sell the whisky to another investor, but it is also possible to sell to a licenced bottler, who will then bottle up your whisky and sell it on the open market.

It’s worth noting that you are not allowed to bottle and sell the whisky from your cask yourself (unless you are a licenced bottler), but if you want to you can have your whisky bottled and give it to friends and family as gifts.

Returns on a whisky investment in the UK are also much easier to predict than for bottles of whisky that are typically sold at auction.