What To Look For In Your Cask Whisky Investment

The whisky market continues to open up to private speculators, and is now considered the luxury investment of choice, outperforming gold, cars, and jewellery. Solid returns on investment which continue to grow even in volatile market conditions, and a well-regulated industry which ensures favourable outcomes, make it a very attractive option.

If you are tempted to have a dabble in this lucrative but complex market, here are some essential components to look out for in a good quality cask.


This is the first factor that springs to mind when assessing the value of whiskey. It is certainly a key aspect to take into account, as a well matured cask whisky simply tastes better, and is therefore more sought-after. The upshot of this of course, is that the consumer will be willing to pay more for it.


Quality is important, as a single-malt from a prestigious distillery will generally be more prized than a commercial blend. They are more full-bodied and complex, and will appeal to the palette of the sophisticated connoisseur. Single malts are also much more labour-intensive to produce, hence the higher value.


It is crucial that any whisky you invest in is from a traditional, well-established distillery and not a large commercial or unknown producer. Do some careful research into brands before you make your decision. Scottish distilleries are famous throughout the world, so this is a good starting point.


The rarity of cask whisky is the overriding factor in establishing its investment value. Even if you have picked a well matured, high-quality whisky of a well-respected producer, if there is plenty of similar product available, it will not perform exceptionally strongly. The key is to pick casks which have a limited supply, as the scarcity value will put it at a premium.

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