What Is The Best Way To Enjoy Whiskey?

There is no correct way to enjoy whisky and you can drink it however you like, straight or mixed. However many people who appreciate a good whisky will have their own routine for how best to enjoy the flavour and feel of the drink.

Whisky is one of the most popular liquors there is and it is a key component of many favourite cocktails and drinks in countries all across the world. This in turn means there are many ways to enjoy the drink, but some are preferred over others.

Many a whisky fan enjoys it as it is, therefore there are no special additions necessary to make the most of the drink. Simply add ice, a nice large cube, block or sphere can make fore a more pleasant experience, and drink neat.

Drinking whisky cold and neat allows you to appreciate the depth of flavour and delicious burn the drink gives. It should be sipped slowly so you can enjoy each taste.

For those who enjoy a little added extra, cocktails are a fun and interesting way to explore whisky further.

A whisky sour is a classic and doesn’t take much away from the liquor itself, meaning you can still enjoy the richness of the whisky while benefiting from the additional sharp and sweet of lemon and sugar.

An old-fashioned is another popular cocktail that uses this delicious drink, but may be more palatable as it is slightly more diluted than simply drinking straight.

Another way to enjoy whisky is to simply add your favourite mixer. This can be a great way to start drinking whisky as it allows you to ease yourself in slowly.

Neat drinks can sometimes be daunting or unenjoyable for those who haven’t had them before, so a dash of any simple mixer can take the edge off.Interested in whisky cask ownership? Contact Viticult Whisky today!

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