‘Unique Nature’ Of Whisky Makes It A Pandemic-Proof Investment

When you’re looking for a commodity to invest in, whisky might not be the first one you think of. However, it has been performing particularly well despite the ongoing global pandemic and many experts in the field believe it could be considered a pandemic-proof investment.

An article for InsideHook recently explored the world of whisky investment and auctions, with auction director for Whisky.Auction Isabel Graham-Yooll explaining that the rise in online auctions has helped boost the market for old and rare spirits.

She also suggested that the lockdown periods have seen some collectors popping open their special bottles as they spend more time at home, while others have been looking to add to their own collections.

Why is whisky such a good investment though? According to Ms Graham-Yooll, it’s because they “last indefinitely, like a quality watch”.

“There is no ‘use by’ date, but at the same time bottles do get opened and consumed, perhaps more often than you’d imagine. It means there are fewer and fewer and fewer of the great bottles all the time. And this makes for a great investment,” she explained.

Rather than buying up individual bottles of fine whiskies at auction, however, you may find that whisky cask investment is a more effective strategy.

This means you are purchasing the whisky when it is at its cheapest - the year it is put into a cask. While you have to be patient to realise the best returns, once a Scotch whisky has been matured it can increase significantly in value.