UK Has Largest Market Of Cask Investment Across The Globe

There are a lot of investors in the UK interested in putting their finance in alternative assets, as they hold the greatest share of cask investment in the world. 

Britain has 74.34 per cent of the total share of cask investment in the world, which was followed by Asia at 18.35 per cent, according to a recent report. 

Of these investors, millennials and Generation Z are the most active when it comes to whisky investments. They make up over a third of total cask buyers, The Scotsman revealed.

Men are more likely to invest in the asset than women, with the latter accounting for just 7.14 per cent of buyers. 

When it came to the growth of whisky investments, the index showed they had increased in value by 16 per cent last year. 

Laphroaig was named the best performing Scotch whisky cask distillery in 2022, with experts anticipating a growth of 18.75 per cent over the 12 months. 

This was followed by Bunnahabhain’s Staoisha in second place, with an expected growth of 17.74 per cent, and Bunnahabhain at 17.57 per cent. 

Knight Frank recently reported that rare whisky bottles have risen in value by 373 per cent in the last ten years. Its Wealth Report 2023 highlighted this asset class as the one that has experienced the greatest increase in value over the decade.

Before investing in a new asset, it is worth finding out as much information about it as possible. To learn about Scotch whisky cask investment and what returns you are likely to see, give us a call today.

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