Rod Stewart Snapped Buying His Own Whisky

Sir Rod Stewart has been spotted purchasing a bottle of his very own whisky.

The musician took a trip to his local Tesco in Bishop’s Stortford to pick up a bottle of Wolfie’s Whisky which recently went national following its initial release last July.

As reported by STV News, after shocking staff by dropping into the store, Sir Rod posed for pictures with staff before speaking about how chuffed he is to see his whisky on the shelves of his local supermarket: “It’s just wonderful to see Wolfie’s in pride of place here at Tesco,” Stewart said. 

“I’m delighted to think it’s even easier for people to pick up a bottle of Wolfie’s and it’s been lovely speaking to the team here in Bishop’s Stortford to see what they thought of it. They certainly have a taste for the good stuff.”

Described as “wonderfully balanced with flavours of warming cinnamon, fresh vanilla and baked apple”, the blended whisky was made in collaboration with Loch Lomond Distillery. 

Sir Rod released the whisky along with his partner and co-founder, Duncan Frew, who is anticipating a successful year ahead.

He said: “To have secured a national retail listing within the first seven months of taking Wolfie’s to market is a huge achievement, and one we are incredibly proud of.

“This marks a huge milestone for the brand and the first of many that we’re hoping to achieve in 2024.”

The spirit is available in hundreds of Tesco stores across the country, and buying manager for spirits at the national chain, Hayley Easton, was as pleased as Sir Rod to see the whisky on the shelves.

She said: “We’re delighted to see Sir Rod’s Wolfie’s Whisky sailing into more than 400 Tesco stores this week as the only major retailer to stock the delicious new spirit.

“And we were even more excited that he surprised colleagues and customers in our Bishop’s Stortford Superstore this afternoon to see it take pride of place on our shelves.”

Celeb-Backed Whisky Brands

Sir Rod is just the latest in a long line of celebrities to enter the whisky game. 

Over the last few years, iconic figures like Bob Dylan, Matthew McConaughey and LeBron James have all released their own whisky brands. Bob Dylan’s ‘Heaven’s Door’ collection is one of the most popular new bourbons to hit the market in recent times, while Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Longbranch‘ bourbon reflects his Texan roots. 

LeBron James also decided to venture into the premium whisky-making business, and these are just some of the celebrities now transitioning to spirits.

In some cases these celebrities are just offering their name to boost the brand, but in some cases they have a real input and help to craft the flavour and character.

Sir Rod’s Wolfie’s Whisky is priced at a relatively modest £35 a bottle. So not much of an investment opportunity, but good to see some of music’s biggest stars enjoyed the good stuff nonetheless!