Prince Of Wales Paid Tribute To Scotch Industry

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay gave thanks to the whisky industry in Scotland and praised its contribution to the fight against climate change.

In a video message recorded for the international whisky society Keepers of the Quaich, the Prince of Wales spoke of his appreciation to the industry, and the hundreds of thousands of people who through their whisky investment and work contribute to the global success of Scotch.

The message was recorded instead of the traditional Spring Banquet for the organisation, of which His Royal Highness has been an Honorary Member since 1996.

He noted his belief that whisky would play a role in the recovery of rural Scotland, due both to whisky sales and its intersection with the hospitality and tourism industries in the region.

He was confident in the industry’s ability to create investment and job opportunities in rural Scotland and rebuild stronger from the events of the past year.

Claiming that Scotch was “woven into the very fabric” of the society and culture of Scotland, he urged people in the industry to be optimistic about its future.

As well as this, he focussed on the innovations of the industry in tackling climate change, arguing that environmental sustainability and whisky go hand in hand “from grain to glass”.

Conservation of water, peatlands, forests and barley fields are critical to the production of fine whisky and Prince Charles noted his pleasure at the industry addressing its responsibility towards the environment it is a part of.

He ended his message by raising a traditional toast to the industry.