Most Expensive Whisky Bottle Sells With Fabergé Egg

Two bottles of craft whisky sold for over $2m (£1.44m) at a private auction, making them the most expensive bottles of whisky ever sold.

The bottles, made by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. in partnership with jewellery company Fabergé, released a special collaboration known as The Emerald Isle Collection, which included in its walnut box two bottles of 30-year-old triple-distilled whisky.

This starting price means that each of the seven limited-edition boxes will cost more than the most expensive bottle sold up until that point, the $1.9m (£1.37m) Macallan Rare And Fine 60-Year-Old Whisky.

Naturally, working with Fabergé means that each box comes not only with the whiskey bottles and a hip flask filled with the same whisky, but also a Fabergé jewelled gold egg with an uncut Zambian diamond inside.

The collection also includes an 18 karat rose gold watch, two Cohiba cigars with a gold-plated cutter, a gold plated water pipette, a carafe filled with spring water and obsidian whisky stones.

The seven boxes were sold at a private auction in Texas, with the proceeds going to two different charities; one decided by the auction’s winner and the other being donated to the Correa Family Foundation.

This, along with other high profile sales has highlighted the collectability of whisky investment, both in regards to whisky cask ownership as well as rare individual bottles.

There is the potential for The Emerald Isle Collection to be a one-off, but it could also intensify the ultra-premium whisky market, and cause other brands to attempt similarly expensive releases.