Miniature Whisky Breaks Record At Auction

A miniature bottle of whisky broke world records when it sold for nearly
£6,500 at auction recently.

The Springbank Scotch single malt whisky, which was distilled in 1919, was
put up for sale on the online auction site Whisky.Auction.

Despite being a mere 50cl bottle, it managed to achieve £6,440, making it
the most expensive miniature of whisky to be sold at auction.

The reason why it garnered so much interest was because only 24 full-size
bottles were produced, and it was once considered the most expensive whisky
in the world by the Guiness Book of Records, *Herald Scotland* reported.

It was sold by experienced collector Sukhinder Singh, who has spent the
last 40 years putting together a collection of 400 miniature bottles.

The co-founder of the online whisky retailer The Whisky Exchange told the
newspaper that ten of the items achieved prices of more than £1,000.

He stated: “I am extremely pleased that after 40 years of collecting these
miniatures they have found their way into other collections around
the world.”

Mr Singh added: “I am thrilled to see that interest in miniature collecting
is at an all-time high as it’s something I fell in love with four decades

His entire collection reached £56,732.95 after commission, demonstrating
the huge popularity of whisky investments *at the moment*.

Indeed, a bottle of *whisky that was found in a shipwreck* recently reached
£12,925 when it went up for sale.

The Grand Whisky Auction sold the bottle, which had been found in one of
the 28,000 whisky cases discovered at the bottom of the sea in 1941.