Maltings Plant Investment Highlights Whisky Investment Value

With much of the world’s economy in a difficult state as the pandemic continues, investors will still be looking for some safe bets - and most of those will be golden in colour.

Although many will look to gold itself, there is no doubt cask whisky is a safe investment. After all, the more it matures, the greater its value. It is one of those products that simply never goes out of fashion.

That may be why, even now, the investment in the sector keeps on coming, the latest case in point being a malting plant at Buckie in Morayshire. As Grampian Online reports, Buckie Maltings is to receive another £12 million of investment from its owner Boormalt in recognition of the growing global demand for malt whisky.

As a result, the capacity of the plant will be expanded by 50 per cent to 90,000 metric tonnes per year. Work has already begun and should be finished by the end of this year.

Chief executive officer of the Boormalt Group Yvan Schaepman said: “This significant investment into our malting facilities in Buckie is a signal of our confidence in the future of the market and recent performance of our customer base.”

Of course, anyone glancing at the Scotch whisky regions map will see that Buckie is part of the thriving Speyside scene.

Cascading from the Grampian Mountains above Loch Ness, the river flows through a series of towns and villages with distilleries famous for their whiskies, including Tomintoul, Tomnalouvin, Glenlivet, Cragganmore and Glen Moray.

The Speyside whisky tour is a popular pastime for those who like their malts and is often the chief reason for a visit to that area of Scotland, along with its spectacular mountain scenery.

Whisky made in the area is produced using barley grown in the region’s flatter coastal areas, which are comparatively dry and warm.