Legendary Dumfries Distillery Is Taking Bookings On Airbnb

One of Scotland’s most famous distilleries has offered a rather unique and exclusive experience to be a part of crafting award-winning whiskies.

Annandale Distillery, near Dumfries, has offered a series of two-night stays via lodging booking site Airbnb, which promises potential guests the ability to experience being a distiller for the day, being part of the entire process of creating a Single Malt.

They will meet the malt deliverers early in the morning, mill and mash the barley, set up the fermentation process, fire up the stills and fill the whisky casks.

The distillery claims the experience would be fascinating for people who enjoy a glass of fine whisky or those interested in the finer points of whisky investment.

Afterwards, they get to enjoy an exclusive whisky tasting session and an evening meal at the Globe Inn, a favoured stopping place for poet Robert Burns that features two Michelin-starred chefs and over 300 whiskies.

Robert Burns, the Ploughman Poet and the national poet of Scotland, wrote long and often about the wonders of Scotch Whisky, such as in the poem Scotch Drink and in particular in his famous work Tam o’Shanter.

He even wrote a polemic against excise duty known as The Author’s Earnest Cry and Prayer to defend the fine tradition of Scotch whisky.

The lucky guests will get to stay in a barn conversion on the Distillery grounds, featuring a fully fitted kitchen, lounge area, private hot tub and free Wi-Fi internet.

Once the two-day session is over, guests will receive a bottle of Annandale’s Single Malt Scotch to take home with them.