Is Whisky A Good Investment During Economic Crisis?

The last few months have seen economic instability the world over, with some experts predicting this could lead to a recession in 2023. So, if you are looking to invest your money, is whisky a good choice?

Knowing what asset to invest in is likely to be trickier than usual, after 2022 saw crashes in the cryptocurrency market, huge currency deviations and interest rates sky-rocketing. 

Indeed, Goldman Sachs predicted there will be a recession in the middle of the year, with the UK economy contracting by one per cent, Investment Week reported.

Even with a more relaxed view of the economy, contraction is likely, chief international economist at T Rowe Price Nikolaj Schmidt stated. 

Therefore, those who are looking for investment opportunities will be even more cautious than usual about where to place their money. 

This is why whisky investments are set to be popular, as traditional assets are becoming increasingly risky. 

Forbes notes: “Given these circumstances, it’s understandable for investors to gravitate to tangible assets in the hope that they offer less risk of being affected by market fluctuations.”

It reminded investors that Scottish cask whisky has provided consistent returns of between eight and 12 per cent a year, which is why as many as 1.3 billion bottles are now shipped around the world every year. 

To protect your investment, it is a good idea to have a balanced portfolio of assets, investing in cash, bonds, shares, as well as products like whisky. 

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