First Carbon Offset Single Malt In The World Unveiled

A world-first whisky which helps the environment has been released onto the

Creag Dhu whisky, created in Speyside, received an official Carbon Offset
Certificate, which highlights that every bottle is linked to projects to
save Scotland’s precious peatlands, a cause the team at Creag Dhu are
particularly invested in.

The *whisky investment* therefore not only helps fund a Speyside distillery
but also helps to protect a vital part of our environment.

Peatlands are the world’s largest carbon store and absorb more carbon than
every other type of vegetation in the world combines, but this means that
damage caused to them can cause significant damage to the environment.

Due to changes in agricultural standards, peat extraction and a lack of
knowledge as to the importance of the peatlands, they have quickly
deteriorated and degraded, releasing thousands of tons of carbon dioxide
into the atmosphere, as well as damaging essential diverse ecosystems.

Carbon offset measures such as those undertaken by Creag Dhu aim to restore
the peatlands, which has one of the largest impacts on climate change per
pound invested into restoration schemes.

These vital but often underappreciated peatlands are restored by re-wetting
them, usually through building dams to raise water levels and campaigning
to avoid further use of the land that could cause further damage.

This, along with a push by the industry to move to green energy is part of
a concerted effort by the drinks industry to play its part in tackling
climate change and continue on its path towards sustainability.