Creative Ways To Repurpose Whiskey Barrels

Cask whiskey investment is a great way to make money and invest in something that interests you and is a little different from traditional forms of investing. 

If you have investments in whiskey, you likely have a collection of whiskey barrels at your disposal.  While good quality barrels can be used several times, there does eventually come a time when they are no longer suitable for use and must be replaced.

Rather than simply recycling or using the old barrels for firewood, you can repurpose them in a variety of different ways to more use out of your purchase. Barrels can be expensive so making the most of them is important. 

One way to use them is to, literally, burn them. Whiskey barrels are infused with the flavour and scent of the whiskey that has aged in them, so using them to smoke meats and other food is a great way to infuse the flavour of whiskey into all your favourite foods. 

You can turn old barrels into water features. These casks are built to be watertight as they have to hold whiskey while it ages, so they make the perfect container for water features such as fountains or even additions to ponds and garden water features. 

Barrels make amazing planters for a huge range of plants, both big and small. They look stylish and attractive and are effective at properly housing and storing greenery so it can flourish and grow while remaining decorative and fun.

You could stay really simple and use your barrel as a table for your garden. No work is necessary, just park a couple of stools next to it and you have a stylish and cool garden seating area to enjoy a glass of your investment whiskey under the stars.

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