Viticult LTD is registered with the Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme (AWRS) which is an arm of the HMRC. This scheme was introduced to better regulate the industry. In order to compliantly trade alcohol in the UK, as of April 2017, companies are required to hold this credential. You can check whether a company is compliant by obtaining their AWRS registration number which you can then cross check on HMRC’s website

Viticult's AWRS Registration number is XQAW 000 0010 9345.


Casks are held in Bonded warehouses across Scotland where they are kept in the ideal conditions for them to mature. This process is overseen by and expert and all casks are fully insured. Casks stored 'in bond' are not subject to UK duty taxes. 

"A customs warehouse allows traders to store goods with duty or import VAT payments suspended.

Once goods leave the warehouse, duty must be paid unless they are re-exported or move to another customs procedure. You must be authorised by HMRC to run a customs warehouse." - HMRC