Certainty in Uncertain Times

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are all facing uncertain times. Many will claim that this situation is an anomaly which couldn't be panned for.

Owners of Whisky Casks have long been sheltered from political or economical uncertainty. The reason Whisky Casks are so appealing during the uncertain times ahead is due to the way they appreciate in value, maturity. Whisky Casks have no correlation to stock markets or politics and rise in value to the maturation process. 

As you can see from the illustration, a Whisky Cask's value is tied only to the maturation process. At the point of purchase a cask is called a 'New Fill'. This is the earliest point a cask can be purchased. Because the spirit hasn't undergone any maturity, this is lowest value a cask can be purchased for. 


A Cask's Future is Predictable

The Scots have been producing whisky for over 500 years. Fast forward to the modern day and Whisky Casks still revolve around the same principle, time. A Mature cask of whisky which can be bottled and sold is worth more than the raw marital all whisky begins life as. It is this simplicity which makes Whisky Cask Ownership so appealing.