Whisky Cask Authenticity 

Whisky casks are purchased from trusted suppliers with whom we have long established business relationships with. Once a cask is delivered to our bonded warehouse, they are checked to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. 


You are the named owner(s) on the Certification of Ownership we issue. This document will outline important information such as your casks unique cask number, alcohol levels, the distillation date and the address of the warehouse it is store in.


For a small fee you are able to draw a sample of your cask, although we advise that you disturb your maturing cask as little as possible. 


If you have an existing warehouse you store casks with, if you wish, we will transfer your cask to your desired location.


Whisky Cask Ownership Guide

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Since our establishment in 2014 we have witnessed a shift in demand for whisky cask ownership, which over recent years has outperformed the FTSE and the London Property Market.


Download our Whisky Cask Ownership Guide to learn more.