What is a Blended Scotch Whisky?

A blended Scotch whisky is produced by blending two or more single malt whiskies together. Typically this allows for a lower priced product, although many premium blended Scotch whiskies exists. The whisky used in a blends can be a mixture of whisky from different distilleries. For example, the Benrinnes Distillery produces whisky that is used in the Johnny Walker blends as well as J&B. The Glentauchers Distillery produces whisky that is used in the internationally renowned Black & White whisky. 

Therefore the whisky which is used in a blend Johnny Walker blend, such as the Benrinnes, becomes a vital compound in the whiskies identify. If they were to change the whiskies they blend with, they would completely change the characteristic of a particular whisky. 

Some of the most famous blended whiskies are;


Johnny Walker 




Famous Grouse


Chivas Regal

Black & White